Happy New Year from the Ask Normen Team

Happy New Year! 

The Ask Normen team have had a busy year, so just a quick look back at what we got up to with your help in 2014, wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2015, have fun on New Years Eve and keep safe.

January 2014NHFT Children’s Services – Have Your Say- NHFT Asked for your help in improving their children's services 

If you are a child or young person using health services in Northamptonshire, or a parent or carer of a child or young person, we want to hear your views.

Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is the main provider of community-based children’s health services in the county.

Services we provide include community nursing, special school nursing, speech and language therapy, child and adolescent mental health (CAMHS) services, dietetics, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Our aim is to deliver quality, integrated care, and while we are proud of many of the services we deliver, we recognise there is always room for improvement.

We are particularly interested to hear from you if you have used more than one of our services, and we want to know what you thought of the experience. What was good about it, what was bad, and how can we make it better.

Our goal is to deliver the best possible services we can within the available resources, and patient and service user feedback is essential to help us do this.

One of our priorities is to ensure our children’s services are better integrated, i.e. working well both with each other, and with other health and social care providers in the county, so we would also like to know your thoughts on that.


February 2014 

14th February 2014 not just Valentines Day! - Northamptonshire Schools, Mental Health Awareness Day.

To find out what's going on in 2015 go to http://www.talkoutloud.info/who-can-help/talk-out-loud/mental-health-awareness-day.aspx

March 2014 - help for self harmers countywide

Service Six write an article for us in our March newsletter - http://www.asknormen.co.uk/modules/downloads/download.php?file_name=180

April 2014  - We wrote about lots of ways to cope with exam stress - take a look


May 2014 - Five to Thrive - Respond - Cuddle - Relax - Play - Talk

The five to thrive resources help parents and practitioners gain an appropriate awareness of the science of brain development while ensuring that the focus remains practical rather than academic. They support creative, individualised work with families as well as offering a range of suggestions to meet the needs of children at different ages.
Our current range of resources includes:
Banners • Posters • Leaflets • Scrolling video •Assessment tools • Drop cards • Training DVDs
Many of the resources are available for purchase by individual settings or at volume discount for distribution across local authority or health trust areas.
Others are available via digital download for the widest possible implementation.

Visit the website  www.fivetothrive.org.uk 

June 2014 - Trust opens doors to new Referral Management Centre.

A new Referral Management Centre (RMC), which will help to ensure children and young people are seen by the right professionals with the right skills as seamlessly as possible, is being launched by Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (NHFT) on Monday 9th June.


July 2014 - Step right up! The miracle cure youve been waiting for!

It can reduce your risk of major illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer by up to 50% and lower your risk of early death by up to 30%.
It’s free, easy to take, has an immediate effect and you don’t need a GP to get some. Its name? Exercise.

early childhood (under 5 years old)
young people (5-18 years old)
adults (19-64 years old)
older adults (65 and over)

August 2014 - Helping your child cope with back to school anxiety. View our newsletter.


September 2014 - Loneliness, Alone, No Friends, Excluded?

Childline have various responses to children feeling lonely, which you may find helpful if you live or work with any children who feel lonely. Have a look at their website and message boards. www.childline.org.uk   

October 2014 - Self harm and suicidal ideation conference was a huge success!


November 2014 - Launch of Children and Young People's Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Strategy


December 2014 - Domestic violence at Christmas


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