Supporting parents develop a loving and secure attachment to their babies.

NorPIP - The Northamptonshire Parent Infant Partnership.

NorPIP's mission is:
To promote an emotionally healthy society by focusing on the need for secure attachment in the critical period of conception to age two years using intensive psychotherapy to help parents form a more secure bond with their babies to promote their lifelong well being.

NorPIP is a charity that realises how difficult and challenging it can sometimes be for the Parents and babies and very young children. NorPIP currently offers a specialist therapeutic service for parents and babies to promote secure attachments between parents and baby where there have been difficulties.
These difficulties arise when there are mental health problems, drug or alcohol abuse, domestic violence, post-natal depression, traumas or difficulties during the birth or as a result of a mother’s or father’s own damaging experiences in the past. Currently referrals in Northamptonshire are made through links with families via children’s centres in the county, and from health visitors and midwives, but with the changing commissioning picture locally, we want to make sure all potential Suppliers are aware of the benefit of including a maternal mental health provision.

NorPIP provides a range of services to promote secure attachments in the critical period from conception to age two years. The services include direct Therapeutic services for parents and primary Carers, training and consultancy. 
The work focuses on supporting parents to gain a greater understanding and insight into their own approach to parenting and how this affects the relationship they have with their baby and/or infant.

Through our training services and menu NorPIP can provide support to other professionals who are working with families with similar needs but may not be receiving direct therapeutic support.

The Importance of Early Years Intervention
Early attachment relationships act as a foundation for subsequent emotional, social and cognitive development in children. Difficulties in the bond between primary carer and baby can arise as a result of both individual and social difficulty, for example, where there is post-natal illness, parental mental health problems, drug or alcohol abuse, histories of trauma and neglect, conditions of socio-economic disadvantage, difficulties during the birth or as a result of a mother’s or father’s own damaging experiences in the past.  These early relationships are key to the development of baby and family.

The implications of poor attachment can be serious, damaging and long term, including mental health problems, drug abuse and criminality. One in eight children currently grow up in environments of risk, neglect or abuse and a high proportion of them will go on to abuse or neglect their children unless this cycle is interrupted.  Providing skilled intensive intervention for primary carers and babies under the age of two strengthens the family at a critical point. The aim is to interrupt the repeating cycles where these problems are so often handed down to the next generation.

NorPIP offers support from conception to the age of two in partnership with and accepts referrals from Children’s Centres, family and Children’s services, Health Visitors and Midwives.
If you think you may know someone who needs our help Please contact NorPIP on 01604 924735 or email us on info@norpip.org.uk.

NorPIP Office, 4 Spencer Parade, Northampton NN1 5AA.

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