The Northamptonshire Mental Health Stigma Programme

About MHSP

The Northamptonshire Mental Health Stigma Programme is an NHS and County Council initiative that is driven by young people aged 11 - 18 to:

  • Help spread the message that ‘mental health is everybody’s business.'
  • Increase awareness of mental health needs, draw attention to the stigma and discrimination experienced by young people with mental health needs and challenge the negative perceptions of mental health needs
  • Raise awareness amongst young people about mental health issues, stigma and where they can access help and support
  • Encourage young people to take responsibility for tackling mental health stigma
  • Work with you people to develop services that are accessible and in settings that young people are comfortable in. 

The MHSP Participation Group (that’s us!) consists of 30 young people from all areas of Northamptonshire, who get together six times a year to drive the project forward and provide feedback and information about mental health services and support for young people. Some of our key activities are:

           1. Mental Health Awareness Day:

Once a year we have a county-wide Mental Health Awareness Day to encourage people to TALK OUT LOUD about mental health. Last year over 50% of primary and secondary schools in Northamptonshire took part – take a look at the article below for more information.

           2. Films and other marketing materials to raise awareness about mental health:

  •  Think, Talk, Work film  Click here to take a look  
  • About mental health Click here to take a look
  • Secondary school leaflet Click here to take a look
  • Primary school leaflet Click here to take a look

      3.Working with schools

We have developed an education pack, consisting of four one-hour lessons, that can be delivered to young people aged 14 – 18….over 60% of Northamptonshire secondary schools have used this educational resource.

           4.Having our say!

We are regularly asked for feedback on mental health services and support by the NHS, Northamptonshire County Council and other important organisations – we always provide a report containing our feedback. Please contact us if you would like to bring something to our meeting.

To find out more visit our website www.talkoutloud.info


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